Brexit, Earthquakes and Extreme Temperature Changes


It’s been on everyone’s minds since the referendum in June: How will my expat life be affected by Brexit? This week we have a short article about how pensions in the EU might be impacted.

Columnist June Finnigan tells us about July in Tuscany, and Estelle Van De Velde shares her experience of expat life in London, England.

If you’re thinking of moving to Peru, here are some expat blogs you should be reading.

Speaking of moving to warmer climes… we’ve compiled some helpful tips if you’re moving somewhere with extreme weather conditions. And if you’re looking to move to an earthquake zone in the USA, here’s how to stay safe.

Other topics on this week include moving to Dubai with children, questions to ask your employer if you’re relocating for work, and a new study which shows that expats are earning up to 900% of locals’ salaries.

If you’re thinking of taking financial advice, here are five questions you should ask your adviser.

And finally, if you’re looking for more reading material, we recommend ten books for new expats.

Education, Investment Scams And Endless Summer


We have a lot of advice for you over on this week. Along with our usual round-up of financial news, we also give you some tips on avoiding investment scams.

Living in Australia? Be careful of the rising cost of healthcare. If you’re in the UK, though, it’s getting easier to find the doctor you need. We interviewed Stephanie Eltz, founder of Doctify, a new service which helps people find the right medical professional for their needs.

If you’re moving to the UK with children, chances are that you’ll want them to get into a good school. We have a two-part guide to help you out: Part One || Part Two.

London is the UK’s busiest city, but it can be a lonely place to relocate to – here are some tips for making friends. And in our latest Expat Experience interview, Amanda Dales talks about her time in London.

It’s not just London that’s affected – urban loneliness is a common problem in cities worldwide. So why not ditch it all and chase the sun around the world? Here’s a guide to living in constant summer.

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Buying Property, Moving Household Goods, And Expat Books

(c) Malcolm Carlaw on Flickr
(c) Malcolm Carlaw on Flickr

It’s sunny again here in London! Your editor has spent the week sneaking into the park outside her window where the wifi from her living room just about reaches. Here are some of the articles we’ve brought you over the past few days.

Expat Focus columnist Toni Hargis talks about a problem with American citizenship that means that expat families are being torn apart.

We reviewed Six Car Lengths Behind An Elephant, a fascinating memoir by the wife of a deep cover CIA agent who spent a large portion of her life frequently relocating with her family.

Here are the ten best countries for healthcare in Europe. If you’d like something more specific, take a look at our guide to buying property in Portugal, or expat finance in Switzerland.

The most religiously diverse cities in the world are revealed in an article this week – have you lived in any of these?

Of course, one of the best ways to learn about expat life is to read the experiences of people who have already made the move. Here are some social media accounts you might want to follow if you’re thinking about moving to Chile. M. Elizabeth Evans talks about her experience of life in Florence, Italy; Melissa Adams tells us about Amsterdam; and Alain Buffing describes his time in Dublin, Ireland.

The practicalities shouldn’t be overlooked either – here’s a guide to moving your household goods abroad, including an overview of what each company does and a jargon-buster for common terms in contracts.

Business Etiquette, Bank Accounts And Buying A House

This week at Expat Focus we’ve mainly been concerned with the practicalities of moving abroad.


How do you set up an international bank account, for example? How do you settle into a new workplace, especially if you’ll be the manager? What’s the latest expat news on finance and healthcare worldwide?

If you’re moving abroad with children, you might want to take a look at MomAboard, a service that helps parents find what they need for their families. We caught up with the founder, Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan – read our interview here.

We have a few country-specific tips as well, of course. Take a look at our guide to buying a house in Canada; our guide to seaside homes for expats in Europe; and our recommended blogs by expats living in Malta.

We also spoke to Nancy Palmer, an American expat in Tuscany, about her experiences of Italian living.

Rosemary Border Rabson discusses the challenges of heavy traffic in France, and what to do in Burgundy by bike.

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Startups, Sexism And Savings – This Week On Expat Focus

(c) 401(K) 2012 on Flickr
(c) 401(K) 2012 on Flickr

Working abroad is a great way to earn money and explore a new place at the same time, but it isn’t always straightforward. Take a look at these new rules for expat contractors in the UK.

Canada is trying to attract more entrepreneurs with a tempting start-up visa that requires only a good idea and a relatively small amount of investment.

Of course, once you’ve been working abroad for a while you’ll need somewhere to store all that hard-earned cash. Take a look at our expat guide to international bank accounts.

Unfortunately it’s not only business worries expats have to deal with; it’s personal ones, too. We’ve put together a guide to dealing with sexism – an unfortunate part of life in many expat destinations.

Perhaps you’re not the one moving abroad but the one staying at home. While you’ll no doubt be happy to see your loved ones pursuing their dreams, it can be difficult being left behind. Here’s how to cope when teenagers fly the nest and relocate abroad.

Our columnists have also been hard at work this month – June tells us about her month in Tuscany, and Toni Hargis talks about the challenges of repatriation.

We spoke to Anya, a Russian expat in the Netherlands, about her new life in Amsterdam.

And if you’re thinking of moving to Bermuda or Greece, take a look at our recommended blogs to read before you arrive.

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Budgeting, Expat Experiences and International Schools

(c) Labpluto123
(c) Labpluto123

The most terrifying part of moving abroad often isn’t culture shock, or leaving your family behind, or completely uprooting your life. It’s money. Will you be able to afford it? How will you be able to afford it?

We’ve put together a budgeting guide for expats moving to the UAE. And columnist Kathleen Peddicord has written this month about how you probably can’t afford not to retire abroad.

If you’re moving to the UAE with children in tow, here’s a guide to some of the international schools there.

We’ve heard from expats from all around the world who have already taken the plunge. Here are some hilarious examples we compiled from readers describing their misadventures and misunderstandings when learning new languages.

You can also find interviews with expats in our ‘Expat Experiences‘ section. This week we’ve spoken to Candice in Argentina, Sara in Ireland, Merx in Malaysia, and Laura in Belize. Click through to read their experiences, and don’t forget to check out their blogs!

Speaking of expat blogs, here’s a list you might want to check out if you’re thinking about moving to the Caribbean.

And if you’ve been considering starting a blog yourself but haven’t done so yet, here’s why you should.

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Expat Blogs And Dealing With Difficulties


While moving abroad is a fun and exciting challenge, it does come with its fair share of difficulties. Some of these are unique to living abroad, such as culture shock and missing those back home; others are problems that can arise anywhere, but for which living abroad adds an extra dimension.

Self-doubt is a concern for many people abroad: what if I can’t learn the language? Did I make the right decision? Here are our tips for dealing with these feelings.

Celebrating your birthday isn’t generally much of a challenge – but doing it abroad for the first time can be! Here are some ideas for your first expat celebration.

Many relationships get stronger when facing the challenge of moving abroad, but for some it doesn’t work out. Here are some tips on how to help your children deal with divorce.

One of the main ways people cope with their problems is to write them down, and what better way than in a blog? This week, we’ve taken a look at expat blogs in London, Belize and Chile – if you’re thinking of moving to either of those places, take a look at these sites by expats who are already there. And read Reeva’s experience of living in Australia as a South African.

In other news, Expat Focus columnist Rosemary Border Rabson talks about the centenary of WWI and a unique railway near her house.

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